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The Trentonian: “Charges Dropped Against Teacher Accused of Sexual Assault”

The law office of Nick Travisano represented Mr. Robert Ciaccia, longtime educator primarily within the Trenton Public Schools, after he was accused of sexual misconduct against a child. As quoted in The Trentonian article below, Mr. Travisano stated the Prosecutor ‘did the right thing’ by filing charges against his client after the girl’s allegations were made. Mr. Travisano also said that the right thing was done again by dropping charges against Mr. Ciaccia once the true facts about his innocence became clear.

For details regarding this case you can view, download or print the article below.

For any questions you may have about either side of a child or adult sexual misconduct matter, please contact Travisano Law. His office is based near the Trenton, NJ area within Mercer County and he can be reached at 1.609.588.9900 to schedule your private consultation.

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Nick Travisano Voted Best Lawyer in Mercer County, NJ

The Law Office of Nick Travisano would like to thank you all for voting us as Best Lawyer in Mercer County, NJ for the last 4 years! We sincerely appreciate you recognizing our law firm throughout 2014, 2015, 2016, AND 2017. We look forward to continuing to serve your legal needs for many more years to come.

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Penalties For DWI & Possession Of Drugs In NJ

The summer months are certainly a great time to enjoy the many sites and activities that New Jersey has to offer. It is also a time, during which most of us spend more time on the roads, heading back and forth to picnics, beaches, restaurants and other summer holiday evesummer-drinking-DWI-NJ copynts.

The State and local police are well aware of this increase in motorist activity and will carefully plan speed traps, sobriety checkpoints and traffic enforcement details. As a result, certain areas in New Jersey are targets of heightened enforcement efforts over the summer, making your chances of needing a DWI defense attorney in Princeton, Robbinsville, Hamilton and West Windsor increase.

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How To Expunge A Criminal Record In New Jersey

fingerprint-279759_640If you have ever been charged with a violation of the criminal laws of the State of New Jersey, you may have a great deal of difficulty obtaining a job, getting credit, or you may face the embarrassment of having someone discover your criminal record on a background check.

With a criminal record, you may be barred from working for the government, or from working as a teacher, healthcare professional, securities broker, or any other job that requires you to be licensed or to have a security clearance. Imagine waiting in a room with a bunch of other people who want the same job, knowing that something is on your criminal record.

The current New Jersey law allows for an individual to apply for the expungement of certain criminal matters. As part of my practice, I have the knowledge and experience to apply for an expungement on your behalf if you qualify.

I may be able to apply to the Superior Court of New Jersey for an order of expungement, which would clear an arrest or conviction from your official record. It would be like the offense never happened. If asked, after the order was granted, you would be able to honestly answer “no”, if you were asked if you have ever been arrested or convicted.

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