checkmark-smallWhat you need to know if you have a Domestic Violence Restraining Order filed against you:

The Law Office of Nick Travisano is experienced in representing each side of a Domestic Violence Restraining Order: victim or defendant.

In New Jersey, Restraining Orders can be made permanent if you do not react immediately and with the right attorney. Once made permanent, you may be fired from your employment and be unable to get another job. You will be stripped of your 2nd amendment right to bear arms. You will be required to register as a Domestic violence offender and be forced to face other potential serious consequences.

Retain an attorney who is thoroughly familiar with both pursuing and defending restraining orders statewide throughout New Jersey. Reach out to attorney Travisano as soon as you have been served with a Temporary Restraining Order because the clock is ticking and you will need to respond right away. Receive an aggressive defense from an attorney who has litigated hundreds of such matters, often resulting in a dismissal of the restraining order.

checkmark-smallWhat you need to know if you are looking to file a Domestic Violence Restraining Order filed against someone:

In the event you are the victim of domestic violence, consult with us on what exactly needs to be done in order to finalize a temporary restraining order. You will feel comfortable and confident that you have chosen the right attorney to stand by your side in court and battle the person who has hurt you. A Restraining order may be necessary in order to protect you, your children or other members of your family.

Contact attorney Travisano and know that you will receive great advice during this terrible time. An application may even be made after the hearing to have any legal fees repaid to you by the offender.